The Young Caritas Europa (YCE) Toolkit

Year of production: 2021

The Young Caritas Europa (YCE) Toolkit is a platform with knowledge, methodologies, and inspiration for youth engagement. This Toolkit is targeted at youth professionals and coordinators who work with young people and who are responsible for accompanying them in their charity and social activism.

The Toolkit was created as a part of a bigger effort to make Caritas organisations attractive and friendly places for youth to get involved in making our common home better and more just. The online platform will serve as a resource hub on youth engagement and provide the following tools:

  • methodological knowledge on setting or stepping up youth engagement (including building a strategy);
  • current working models in the Caritas Europa network of youth volunteering and activism;
  • good practices for youth projects, activities, events, programmes and other forms of engaging young people;
  • resources on youth engagement from the Caritas network and externally (toolkits, manuals, etc.).


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Caritas Europa is the network of Caritas organisations on the European continent. Caritas Europa is a Catholic network of 49 member organisations in 46 European countries working with people of all faiths to end poverty and promote the dignity of all. It represents the European region of Caritas Internationalis, a global confederation with over 160 national members and the 2nd largest humanitarian organisation in the world.