Webinar: Supporting Youth Participation and Volunteering – Can it impact the 2024 European Elections?

Year of production: 2024

Supporting youth participation and volunteering:can it impact the 2024 European Elections? | Webinar

How can volunteering and solidarity lead to democratic participation? How is the young people’s democratic participation supported in Europe?
In this webinar we seek answers for the following questions with the help of a Member of the European Parliament, representative of the European Youth Unit, member of the European Youth Forum and a researcher connecting volunteering with election behavior.

Why is the active participation of young people in democratic life important? How can the better engagement of young people with democracy (voting and volunteering) be supported? Are the any connections between volunteering and participating in the elections? What are institutions and programmes doing to provide young people with a role in strengthening democracy Europe-wide?

The webinar features the following speakers:

  • João Albuquerque – Member of the European Parliament
  • Sofia Afanasjeva – Representative of the Youth Outreach Unit of the European Parliament
  • Dr Stuart Fox – Political scientist from the University of Exeter
  • Christiana Xenofontos – Vice-President of the European Youth Forum

This webinar was originally held online on 14 December 2023.


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