Analytical paper “Youth Participation and Citizenship Education: A Cross-sectoral Perspective”

Year of production: 2024

This paper is intended as a reference for developing cross-sectoral collaboration between the formal and non-formal education sectors around youth participation in democratic life.

The first section explores what is meant by the term youth participation and how it is understood within the non-formal / youth sector. The second part explores the concept of citizenship education and how this is understood within the formal education sector. The paper finishes by identifying the differences and commonalities between the two concepts and sectors, as well as proposing guidelines for collaboration.

The paper was written for the New Power in Youth Strategic Partnership between several National Agencies for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps and SALTO Resource Centres. It was presented during the 2023 Forum on Cross-sectoral Cooperation, aiming to enhance youth participation in democratic life in both formal and nonformal sectors.


Photo of Dr. Dan Moxon
Dr. Dan Moxon

​Dan is researcher and practitioner specialising in inclusive youth participation with over 20 years experience working with children and young people in the voluntary, public, for-profit and academic sectors. His research focuses on how children and young people's participation can influence policy, as well and the development of participatory structures and processes. Originally a youth worker at local and regional level in the North West of England, he now works throughout Europe and beyond supporting a variety of organisations, to develop their approach to youth participation. In 2017 he was invited to re-develop the consultation process behind the EU’s Youth Dialogue. This engages nearly 50,000 young people from across the EU, and was instrumental in developing the new European Youth Goals. In 2020, his advice paper to the Ukrainian Government led to a revision of a draft law which enabled under 18s to participate in local civic processes.

New Power in Youth Strategic Partnership (NPiY)

New Power in Youth is a Strategic Partnership between National Agencies for Erasmus+ & European Solidarity Corps and SALTO Resource Centres. Its main aim is to foster youth participation in democratic life and it contributes to three specific objectives: 1)Introducing Erasmus+ & ESC Youth Participation Strategy and supporting youth participation projects through E+ & ESC programmes; 2) Supporting the strategic development of youth participation in democratic life on local, national and European levels; 3) Enhancing the partnership between the non-formal and formal education sectors in order to better support youth participation in democratic life.