CyberSec game: solve the riddle

Year of production: 2021

It is time to awaken the detective spirit in your group! CyberSec is a card deck game based on real-life case studies, which are really helpful in bringing theoretical privacy and security problems into life. The facilitator or game master will be aware of the ‘right’ answers (no need to try and memorise them beforehand!) to the riddles. After each card, you will ask the players, “What happened?”, who will then ask yes or no questions. The goal is to find out the real story – and you will have some amazing discussions in the process, I promise. The deck is available as a downloadable PDF and, if you happen to be gathering over Zoom, you can try out the online version, which gives you a new card after each refresh.


CyberSec Stories developing group

The game was developed by people who are involved with Tallinn University of Technology Centre for Digital Forensics and Cyber Security scientists, lecturers, students and partners.

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