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Bringing Young People and Politics Together: Participatory Europe

This ten-day training course in Estonia showed youth leaders, educators and social workers how to encourage young people to get involved in politics and become more active as citizens. By improving their ability to influence decisions and promote their own exciting ideas, we can really help to increase youth participation. Whether you work in a youth council or an NGO, the training methods developed by the project can easily become part of your regular group sessions.

For me, participation is about citizens making informed decisions on all aspects of their lives: economic, political, cultural and social. It's not just being informed but deciding on what action to take. A sense of belonging is the foundation for participation. If you feel that you don’t belong and don’t understand your rights and duties, it’s very hard to participate in a meaningful way.
Photo of Marco Santos
Marco Santos Trainer

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Through elaborating the manifestos and intellectual outputs of the project, participants learned how important it is to start political engagement at an early age. They also found out how youngsters can influence politics by coming up with policy proposals and action plans. A true example of participation and exchange across 12 countries!

Project coordinators

Photo of Helena Heidemann
Helena Heidemann

Helena is the founder and board member of NGO Discovering Opportunities. The organisation was founded back in 2013 to give and create international learning opportunities for young people and youth workers. Since then, Helena has organised, facilitated and trained on several projects and given her best to increase diversity, inclusion and acceptance in our societies. Helena has a wide background in youth work and lately she has been more connected with trainings and learning and development by creating a wide range of opportunities for adults and young people to support self-discovery and encouraging life-long learning.

Photo of Marco Santos
Marco Santos

Marco is a board member of the NGO Noored Ühiskonna Heaks (Youth for Society) and a free-lance trainer. He is educated in Political Science and International Relations and holds a postgraduate degree in Law. He has been a youth worker since 2005. Marco has developed youth work and non-formal education processes in the fields of Citizenship, Migration, Social Rights and Participation, where he has held more than a hundred trainings in Europe, Africa and South America. Lately he has been involved in a trilogy participation model with social media campaigns, community organising and policy-making trainings for youth workers and leaders.

About the project

Supported by:

Erasmus+ / Mobility of Youth Workers

EU Youth Programme Priority:

Participation in Democratic Life


Youth Participation / Activism and Decision Making


The 28 youth workers who took part were able to share their new skills with youth groups all across Europe. Successful promotion of the project outcomes has been supported online: check out this engaging journey about participation with the hashtag #participatoryeurope on Facebook and on Instagram!


Photo of Lilla Gosi
Lilla Gősi

Lilla Gősi is a freelance journalist and trainer. She writes, draws and uses the combination of these two for telling stories and creating non formal educational activities. She graduated in Communication and Media and History of Art. She has been publishing since 2012 in the most popular Hungarian weekly magazine, Nők Lapja. She is an active blogger. She loves working with groups and asking questions. She comes from Hungary and lives in Italy since 2017. She participated in several European training, exchange and volunteering projects. The main issues she cares about: promoting sustainability, critical thinking, inclusion and art. In her free time, she enjoys art, culture and travelling related activities.