European Digital Inclusion Map and Catalogue

Year of production: 2021

Cover of the European Digital Inclusion Map and Catalogue

The Digital Inclusion Map & Catalogue represent the ‘state of the art’ in Digital Inclusion ‘good practices’: projects and interventions for the Digital Inclusion of vulnerable groups in the EU Member States and the UK.


The kinds of good practices included in the Catalogue have been running long enough and have some evidence to suggest that they have made or will make a difference to the digital exclusion of the following vulnerable groups:

  • People with disabilities
  • Elderly people
  • Marginalised young people and children (based on socio-economic status)
  • Unemployed or those facing social problems
  • Migrants


The Good practices that can be found in the Catalogue provide knowledge about what works, for whom and in what circumstances and with learning you can transfer and apply in your own context. The Map enables everyone interested to see gaps in the provision of initiatives to tackle the digital exclusion of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.

The Catalogue and Map can be used as tools for capacity building, delivering experience you can learn from to improve the services you are offering in the field of digital inclusion.


European Knowledge Community on Digital Inclusion

The European Knowledge Community on Digital Inclusion, supported by the MEDICI project – Mapping the evolving Digital Inclusion landscape to support cohesion and integration is funded by the European Parliament to identify, collect and map good practices in the field of Digital Inclusion for vulnerable groups in Europe. The Knowledge Community is aimed to stimulate exchange of digital inclusion stories and knowledge creation among all the stakeholders engaged in the fight against digital exclusion affecting vulnerable groups, ranging from policy makers to researchers and to practitioners carrying out projects and initiatives in this field in the 27 Member States and the UK.