Conclusions “Learning experiences of hybrid, blended and online mobilities”

Year of production: 2021

Cover of Conclusions “Learning experiences of hybrid, blended and online mobilities”

In order to document the existent learning experiences and consider the future development of the hybrid, blended and online mobility activities, SALTO Inclusion & Diversity, within the framework of the Strategic Cooperation between National Agencies on Digital Youth Work (SNAC – DYW), gathered information and data about practices, methodologies and experiences. These could go towards setting out valuable guidelines for youth mobility activities involving digital environments, be they complete or partial ones. 

The data was based on a questionnaire, circulated to the National Agencies, through which valuable experiences from activities implemented in 2020 and 2021 were obtained, or from experiences organised by NAs, EU Youth Programme beneficiaries or other stakeholders since the onset of the pandemic. These findings were analysed together with a group of experts who shaped the conclusions included in the final document.

This document is aimed at policymakers (European Commission) on the one hand, and at Programme beneficiaries and NAs on the other. It aims to provide a set of conclusions that address the European Commission and to offer a set of practical tips on how to support National Agencies and their beneficiaries. It intends to equip them with additional resources that will bolster the development of quality learning activities with an online component.


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