Get Your Facts Straight! (Media Literacy) Toolkit for Educators and Training Providers

Year of production: 2020

Get Your Facts Straight! is a project that provides media literacy education through workshops about disinformation and fake news on social media to young people and their parents. As a result, a training toolkit for supporting educators and training providers was produced by the project partners that helps to implement a 10-hour media literacy training course about disinformation on social media for 14-16 year old young people. The toolkit outlines the training course, provides its methodology and lists the relevant resources for the course. The project was funded by Call for proposals Preparatory Action 09 05 77 06 “ Media Literacy for all”.


Paolo Celot

Fulin Low


EAVI – the European Association for Viewers Interests – is an international non-profit organisation registered in Brussels which advocates media literacy and full citizenship. EAVI supports the adoption of initiatives that enable citizens read, write and participate in public life through the media.