Online course Digital principles

Year of production: 2022

Digital Principles is a self-paced course that introduces each of the nine Digital Principles, contextualises them in a digital health program case study, and showcases tools and resources that can be applied to all stages of a project lifecycle.

This online course includes 1 introductory video and 5 main videos – each 30 minutes, focused on specific principles.

The course is based on the Principles for Digital Development – nine living guidelines that are designed to help integrate best practices into technology-enabled programs and are intended to be updated and refined over time. They include guidance for every phase of the project life cycle, and they are part of an ongoing effort among development practitioners to share knowledge and support continuous learning. The Digital Principles were created in a community-driven effort, the result of many lessons learned through the use of information and communication technologies ( ICTs) in development projects. All stakeholders are encouraged to use them.


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The Digital Principles Forum is an online meeting place for peer learning, connection building, and debate on the Principles for Digital Development. Together with you, we aim to build a community that connects ICT4D, information technology, and international aid and humanitarian development practitioners with thoughtful curated content, relevant conversation and quality opportunities to improve their work.

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Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL)

The Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) is a “think, do, replicate” tank housed at the United Nations Foundation. Our vision is of a world where services can safely reach everyone, everywhere using the power of digital technology and data. Our mission is to overcome the systemic barriers preventing digital solutions from going to scale.