Toolkit on environmental law and youth participation

Year of production: 2012

Image is illustrative. Photo by Matthew Smith from Unsplash.

The publication “Toolkit on Environmental Law and Youth Participation” was initiated during the study session “European Environmental Law and Youth Participation” that took place in March 2012, in the European Youth Center Strasbourg.

The toolkit offers ideas and resources on how youth can take an active part in law making processes, especially in connection with environmental and human rights issues. At the same time, it includes practical approaches on how to campaign and engage in advocacy issues related to environmental causes.


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Youth and Environment Europe

Youth and Environment Europe (YEE) is the largest independent European network of environmental youth organizations. Its mission is to unite environmental youth non-profit organisations in Europe. YEE goal is to mitigate the climate crisis by raising awareness and building capacity among youth on the climate crisis; enhancing international cooperation and knowledge-sharing among our members; strengthening the participation of youth in environmental and climate decision-making processes.