Euro-participation & Euro-activism

Year of production: 2022

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The toolkit is dedicated to those interested in finding out more about the European Union and how you can have a voice in it.

Being a citizen of an EU country means that you are also a European citizen. What does this mean in practice? What is the European Union doing for you?

We have been living in peace for the last 50 years, that’s already a huge improvement. We also have the chance to travel, learn or work freely in all EU Member States, and much more as you will discover.


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Eurodesk is a European youth information network created in 1990. As a support organisation to Erasmus+, Eurodesk makes information on learning mobility comprehensive and accessible to young people and those who work with them. With a network of 39 Eurodesk Centres connected to local information providers in 37 European countries, Eurodesk raises awareness on European opportunities and encourages young people to become active citizens. Eurodesk federates over 3000 so-called “multipliers and ambassadors” that are regional or local organisations working with young people, delivering youth information and advising young people on mobility opportunities. To ensure the quality of services in all 37 countries, Eurodesk offers its members quality training and support, and access to youth information services and tools.