Your handbook to activism: A guide to change

Year of production: 2022

Do you want to make a change, but don’t know where to start? Do you have an idea for a campaign, but you lack the tools to create an effective strategy? You are a campaigner already and want to learn more about the different tactics you can employ, and when to use them?

The Handbook of The 25 Percent is the one-stop-shop for all young people who want to make a change. Explore the different chapters or pick the topics you are most interested in by navigating through Collections and Tags. Through 59 short articles and 24 activities the Handbook will guide you in all steps from identifying the cause you care about to building your own campaign.


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The 25 Percent

The 25 Percent is a community that stands for young voices, believing that young people have been left out of decisionmaking for far too long. It was created with the aim for young people take a seat at the table and represent real ideas for a brighter tomorrow at the Conference on the Future of Europe.