Report: Mapping MIL in 12 European Countries

Year of production: 2020

Aleksandra Mangus presenting the report about MIL practices during the MIL Project Lab organised in Tallinn, Estonia in 2019.

SALTO Participation and Information Resource Centre together with Aleksandra Mangus conducted a mapping of MIL resources in 12 countries (Albania, Armenia, Czech Republic, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine) to explore and get a better understanding about what kind of MIL practices are common in youth work and what topics seem to be under represented. The mapping exercise was done to get a more clear direction for developing the MIL content for the Participation Resource Pool.


Aleksandra Mangus photo
Aleksandra Mangus

With a Master Degree in Digital Literacy Education (Tampere University, Finland) Aleksandra has been working with UNESCO and other public organisations in Europe. She gives speeches and interactive workshops on MIL and youth engagement, as well as collaborates with SALTO Participation and Information Centre on creating the online Resource Pool for youth workers and educators.

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