Youth workers create a better gaming culture through gaming education

Year of production: 2021

The article “Youth workers create a better gaming culture through gaming education” showcases main findings from the “Non-toxic – non-discriminating gaming culture” Finnish Report on the game education competence of guardians and youth work professionals and other related studies in Finland.

The report examines how the hate speech, discrimination and harassment that young people face in games presents to their parents and youth workers and what means are employed to approach games and gaming at home and in youth work. These means also include ways of supporting young people in processing the disturbing behaviour they encounter as well as intervening in their own disturbing behaviour as they engage in gaming culture.


Photo of Sonja Ahtiainen
Sonja Ahtiainen

Sonja is a d​​igital youth work professional in both the municipal and association arena. She is passionate about social media and e-sports.

Photo of Riikka Lehtinen
Riikka Lehtinen

Riikka Lehtinen is an equality work and education professional. She can often be found with role playing dice, a gamer mouse and controller, or a crochet hook in her hand. Riikka is a strategic player, who enjoys both damage and support roles.