Educational online platform “Estonian Film Classics”

Year of production: 2021

Estonian Film Classics is a study material that introduces three key Estonian films: Spring, The Last Relic and The Dead Mountaineer Hotel. The project offers a new perspective on the classic texts and provides tools for using them in school education. The material is aimed at high school students and helps to analyze the chosen texts and understand their role in Estonian popular culture, cultural memory and identity.

The theoretical framework of Estonian Film Classics combines the principles of the semiotics of culture, transmedia studies and film analysis. Three parts explore how different elements of film language (design, music, etc.) convey meanings and add value to the films.

The topics are presented in the form of verbal texts, videos, images, interactive games and creative activities. Each of the three parts offer opportunities for teamwork and collaboration in the classroom as well as in the frame of life-long learning. Estonian Film Classics aims to develop cultural and digital literacies, support critical and creative thinking, and encourage a meaningful dialogue with the cultural heritage.


Transmedia research group from the University of Tartu’s Department of Semiotics

The course "Estonian Film Classics" was created by the Transmedia research group from the University of Tartu’s Department of Semiotics. Learning materials were prepared with the support of the Estonian Film Institute.