Revised European Charter on the participation of young people in local and regional life of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe

Year of production: 2015

The Revised Charter is divided into 3 parts on: sectoral policies; instruments for youth participation; and institutional participation by young people in local and regional affairs.

In Part I, the Revised Charter contains a review of different policy areas – such as health, urban environment, education, etc. – and suggests a number of concrete measures that can provide the necessary support for young people’s involvement in their communities.

Part II explores ideas and tools that can be used by local and regional authorities to enhance youth participation such as training, information services, information and communication technologies, youth organisations, etc.

Part III concentrates on institutional participation and the sort of structures and support that should be established in order to involve young people in processes where they can identify their needs, explore solutions, make decisions that affect them, and where they can plan actions with local and regional authorities on an equal footing. These may include youth councils, youth parliaments or youth forums which, for example, should be permanent structures composed of elected or appointed representatives, should give young people direct responsibility for projects and influencing policies, and so on.