TeaMLit: first research results on Teacher Education in Media and Information Literacy

Year of production: 2023

The “TeaMLit: Teacher Education in Digital and Media Literacy: Providing Guidance, Resources and Support for Teacher Trainers in Europe” project, funded by the European Media and Information Fund (EMIF), launched its first – in a series of 3 – reports based on the conducted research, which spans in the period of 18 months between January 2023 and June 2024. The report discusses main findings from five regions and countries – Ireland, Portugal, Belgium-Flanders, the German-speaking Community in Belgium and the Baden-Württemberg Land in Germany – as well as an international review.

The main aim of the report is to thoroughly map, frame and analyse current practices, barriers and opportunities in initial and in-service teacher training and continuing professional development in media and information literacy (MIL).



The purpose of the project is to establish a value-added and sustainable network providing guidance, resources and support to European teacher trainers in MIL and in so doing, to directly advance students’ abilities to tackle disinformation. TeaMLit partners will gather and share knowledge, pilot promising approaches, develop training materials and conduct a large-scale multiplier campaign.