The road to developing Porto Youth Strategy 4.0

Year of production: 2021

In 2009, Porto was the first city in Portugal to develop a Municipal Youth Plan thus paving the way for the recognition and quality development of local youth policies. In December 2019, Deputy-Mayor for Youth, Catarina Araújo, announced to Porto Youth Council the will to develop Porto Youth Strategy 4.0, giving continuity to the previous 3 Porto’s Municipal Youth Plans (2009, 2011 and 2017).

The main goal has been the co-creation of a new youth strategy, strengthening youth participation and youth work. Regarded as a quality development process, #YouthUpPorto Roadmap – Project Design to Develop Porto Youth Strategy 4.0 focuses on 4 work themes and packages: research, capacitation, information and participation.

#YouthUpPorto Roadmap builds on the inspirational work from the Council of Europe Youth Strategy 2030 Roadmap, OCED «Soutenir la Participation des Jeunes dans la Vie Publique Locale à Salé, Maroc– Guide pratique», EU-CoE Youth Partnership «Youth Policy Essentials», as well as previous Porto experience, among other sources.