Toolkit on Quality Standards for Youth Policy

Year of production: 2017

The toolkit on quality standards is a practical tool for youth organisations to assess the state of youth policy in their context, whether it is national, regional, local, or European. It provides tools, tips and tricks to look at youth policy and identify what is working well and what is not.

The quality standards for youth policy developed in this toolkit provide an adaptable framework for measuring the quality of youth policy in different contexts (local, national, European).

This publication has been developed for youth organisations and young people, primarily member organisations of the Youth Forum (or their members), but it can be used as a reference by any other youth organisations. The toolkit is currently available to download in English, Lithuanian, Spanish and Portuguese.


European Youth Forum

The European Youth Forum is the platform of youth organisations in Europe. We represent over 100 youth organisations, which bring together tens of millions of young people from all over Europe.The Youth Forum works to empower young people to participate actively in society to improve their own lives by representing and advocating their needs and interests and those of their organisations. In the current uncertain political and social context that affects young people, they can be powerful catalysts for positive change and contributors of innovative solutions to Europe’s challenges.