Year of production: 2019

DIGI YOUTH Portal is part of the project “Youth Work in Progress” , supported by European Union through the Erasmus + program. The aim of the portal is to create a journey into experimenting with the introduction of digital tools, and then online learning into educational work.


The Portal is centred around 2 main sections:

Online learning – covers information you need if you’d like to create online educational content, whether you are planning a webinar on a certain topic, online course or creating a complex platform for learning online. Here, we offer our understanding and approach to online learning in non-formal education, share our own experiences of our member organisations and partners, give some technical tips & tricks, but also invite a community of youth workers, youth work trainers, educators and experts to share their experiences and views on the topic.

Digital tools – offers resources that could be helpful if you want to enrich your activities with online and off-line digital tools. Whether you need answers to “Why using digital tools in youth work and non-formal education?” or “How do I choose an appropriate tool for my activity?”, you’ll find it here. In case you need inspiration to choose the specific tool, there is our Toolbox of digital tools on your disposal.

Explore the Portal for a detailed overview of various digital platforms and educational resources.


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South East European Youth Network

SEEYN is a network organisation that aims to empower CSOs and young people in the South East European region to engage in peace and reconciliation, community development, economic empowerment and solidarity programmes through capacity building, advocacy, social innovations development and cooperation.