Democracy Reloading Toolkit

Year of production: 2022

The aim of the Toolkit is to improve active citizenship and democracy in local and regional communities, to contribute to recognising young people’s right to participate and self-organise and to actively engage young people, youth organisations and other youth work providers in policy making, in line with the European Youth Strategy 2019-2027 and the EU Youth Goals.

This online Toolkit was created to:

  • Provide information and knowledge for understanding the benefits and consequences of engaging young people in municipal decisions, and on how to advocate for it within the municipality.
  • Give a full picture of all required competences required for the involvement of young people in local democracy.
  • Show how to develop specific competences of relevant municipality staff (individually and collectively) in designing, planning, implementing and evaluating democratic youth participation.

The Democracy Reloading Toolkit includes information and resources to develop these competences for high quality performance. If you go into a selected competence element (a card) you will find a short explanation for your better understanding, a more theoretical description for your deeper elaboration, a collection of practices and personal stories for your inspiration, and a list of further readings and resources for your specific interest.


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Democracy Reloading

Democracy Reloading is a strategic Erasmus+ Youth/European Solidarity Corps National Agency cooperation programme that started in 2015 with the aim to empower municipal workers to engage young people in decision-making.