Case Study: Children’s City Vienna

Year of production: 2019

During the annual 6-days-event “Rein ins Rathaus!” (Into the city hall), children from 6 to 13 years can design, manage and rule their own city in the City Hall of Austria’s capital city Vienna. Children can experience what it means to have influence and decision making power in a playful real-life setting.

In the more than 25 areas of activity of the “Children’s City”, the children can have a say in, shape, act actively and thus easily understand urban politics with its various institutions. The Children’s City has been held annually since 2002 and is used by up to 700 children and adolescents every day on the 6 days of action. In 2010, the project received a “special recognition” at the European Award for Excellence “City for Children”.

What does this project teach us?

It’s never too early to start learning about democracy and participation: Voting is simpler than you thought and translating ideas into laws is nothing children need to be kept away from.

What are the interview videos about?

The first interview video explains how the Children’s City Vienna works. You will learn about how the city is organised, it’s own money system as well as the target age group of the project.



In the second video, you familiarise yourself with politics in the Children’s City. Which requirements do political candidates need to fulfill? How does working experience influence decision-making? And how is voting made easy for every child?



The final video let’s you understand how children can experience the impact of their decisions, how the meeting between game and real-life decision-makers is like and what is the role of the real city government and administration in the project.


If you want to take a look at how the Children’s City looks like in practice, visit You won’t need to understand the language (the children talk in German) to get the grasp.

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Jutta Hofer

Jutta Hofer is Head of the department of wienXtra‐kinderaktiv/ferienspiel in Vienna, Austria. Her field of expertise covers child and youth work, children's culture, event management and participation. She continues to improve and further develop the Children's City Vienna concept from year to year. As a strong advocate for children's involvement in participatory processes, she spreads the idea that political participation and the dialogue about it is valuable for everyone


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