Research Report: Youth stand for the future of europe

Year of production: 2021

The report presents the results of the research conducted in the framework of the European Youth Card Association’s project, #STANDFORSOMETHING. Its purpose is to investigate and describe the opinions and attitudes of young people towards the European Union and bring forward their ideas and priorities to be used as a reference point at the Conference for the future of Europe.

The research combines quantitative and qualitative methodologies including participatory research and focus group methods, to shed light on the priorities and ideas of young people on the future of Europe.

The major issues that concern the youth of Europe and their ideas for a better Europe in the future are clearly highlighted in the findings of the research. The youth’s priority agenda is focused on climate change, education, mental health, and freedom of self-expression, while they ask for comparable decent living standards all over Europe.
Young people are lacking information about Europe’s institutions and activities; they ask to be heard and to be more informed on how to make their voices heard. They are in favour of the EU and consider themselves Europeans but also ask to participate more in shaping their future through the existing European institutions.


What do young people stand for?


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