Flash Barometer 478: How do we build a stronger, more united Europe? The views of young people

Year of production: 2019

The current study, commissioned by European Commission Directorate General for Education and Culture provides a deeper exploration of the attitudes and opinions of young people aged 15-30.

It covers:

  1. The proportion of respondents who have been abroad for learning experiences, and the reasons why respondents have not participated in learning experiences in other countries;
  2. Young respondents’ participation in social, civic and political activities, including organised voluntary activities, as well as reasons for not participating in these activities;
  3. Opinions about the most important things schools should offer young people, and the topic areas that are not taught sufficiently in schools;
  4. Young respondents’ views about the priorities for the EU in years to come;
  5. The most useful actions for young people the EU could support.


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