‘One object …many images!’ Lesson Plan

Year of production: 2020

Image is illustrative, by Diego PH on Unsplash.

This is a simple, introductory activity referring to the semantic elements around a pictured object and the corresponding intervention by the film director who creates the picture. It also introduces the concepts of documentation and of the target audience of a media text. Young participants may become aware of the various interpretations which result from photographing the same object in different contexts and may further realize the significance of background details in a picture.


European Media Literacy Standard for Youth Workers (EMELS)

The main goal of the project was to prepare a useful tool for youth workers to develop media and digital competencies, as well as to build a strong partnership between 7 organisations involved in the topic of media literacy in Europe. The project started in January 2017. The result of our work is an innovative media literacy training programme: European Media Literacy Standard for youth workers. It is complemented by educational materials and best practices developed on Media & Information Literacy Platform for Exchanging Educational Resources (MIL/PEER).

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