Play Europe: Project for active citizenship through gaming

Year of production: 2020

#PlayEurope is a European project that aims to raise awareness about the importance of being “active citizens” among young people from different EU countries, using the cooperative enterprise model and social entrepreneurship education.

The project uses an edutainment approach that provides students, in particular at high school and university levels, an innovative and engaging programme to enhance and promote crucial competences in order to become contributing, responsible and critical citizens.

The goal of #PlayEurope is to encourage active citizenship through the instrument of social entrepreneurship, increasing interest of young people in social issues and democratic participation, showing them how and to what extent social entrepreneurship can be a concrete pathway to become better citizens.

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.


Play Europe Project logo
Play Europe Project

#PlayEurope project is a consortium addressed to university students and unemployed young people between 18‐30 years from eight EU countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Romania and Spain.

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