Guidelines and best practices on how to use gaming as a tool in non-formal education

Year of production: 2019

“Guidelines and best practices on how to use gaming as a tool in non-formal education” highlights which video-games could be explored in non-formal education as well as how to use them. It provides ideas for 14 popular games such as Counter-Strike, World of Warcraft, Minecraft or Pokemon Go.

This guidebook – is a result of a 10-day-long seminar that was held in Denmark in October 2019. The Seminar was organised by Fora Copenhagen and InterCollege and co-funded by
the Erasmus+ programme.


Bertalan Egry

A project manager who has been working for InterCollege social enterprise in Denmark. Game ON Seminar was the second Erasmus+ project which was co-ordinated and partly facilitated by him. Previously he gained presentation skills when he worked as a television reporter in Hungary. He still works as a freelance print and video journalist. Bertalan Egry graduated as a Juris Doctor at the faculty of law of Pázmány Péter Catholic University in Budapest and he also has a degree in International Administration (BA) from the same University.

Aliaksej Burnosenka

Expert business-trainer and youth-trainer since 1999, certified Coaching specialist, with more than 10 000 training hours fulfilled within 20 years as a trainer and facilitator. He has been awarded two times as Best Youth Trainer of Belarus by the Ministry of Education in 2010 and 2011. Aliaksej has many years of professional experience as a project- manager and business-consultant. He founded several NGOs, as an educator, he is the best expert in presentation and communication skills, leadership, management, and creativity. Youth-leader and practitioner of “Youth In Action” and “Erasmus+” programs.