Hackathon Guide for Beginners

Year of production: 2021

Hackathon Guide for Beginners offers practical tips for everyone interested to host and organise a hackathon.

The guide offers practical tips for all stakeholders interested in organising one of the three types of hackathons: face-to-face, virtual, and hybrid. It offers an essential perspectives on four main dimensions:

  • The Basics – about what a hackathon is, how it usually happens
  • Pre-hackathon – all details an organiser should go through 
  • The hackathon – all essentials during the event itself
  • Benefits – various arguments on why such an approach can be beneficial and in which context could be better used.



TAIKAI is a Portuguese company that positions itself as a builder hub that connects creators and companies, using hackathons, bounties and hiring challenges to help you grow.