Podcast Inclusion in digital youth work

Year of production: 2021

Inclusion & Diversity in Digital Youth Work

The podcast Inclusion in digital youth work is part of the SALTO Inclusion and Diversity web platform “Inclusion & Diversity in Digital Youth Work”, launched in 2021.

In this first episode of the podcast – joined by Suvi Tuominen and Ülly Enn, the debate is focused on the fact that while youth work in Europe seemed to suddenly realise that digital youth work existed and was somehow relevant, some countries, such as Estonia and Finland, had already provided rules and regulations, or had otherwise been working on its strategic development for years, and were already discussing how to make it more inclusive.

The podcast addresses, among many other issues, the cooperation between the two countries in this field, and how this led to a joint publication, Digitalisation and Youth Work, which was published in 2019, with a chapter tackling digitalisation and equality.


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