Spoofy – Cyber Security Game for Children

Year of production: 2021

Spoofy helps children learn about cyber safety and cyber hygiene. The goal of the game is to turn the kids into cyber heroes who solve cyber problems and save the world. 

What is Spoofy?

Spoofy was developed in Finland in 2019 and launched in Estonia in 2021. Spoofy is an educational game that can be played on any device and online. The game is free and has no ads. The game includes different worlds that go through different scenarios that kids encounter: internet communication, bullying, passwords, internet purchases, spam, device safety, and so much more. The main goal is to direct the kids to be more careful and ask an adult for help when encountering problems. The game is very playful and kids usually do not even realise they are learning something new.  The Finnish game is available in Finnish and Swedish (only as an app), the Estonian game in Estonian, Russian and English (app and web based game).

How to use Spoofy

Everyone can play the game at home but it is also an educational tool that teachers can use. The website includes educational instructions for teachers and lesson plans. Spoofy is already in use in many schools all over Estonia. 

Spoofy is also a helpful tool for parents that need help when guiding their kids. The game reinforces the points parents want to make and gives the parents additional materials to help with some difficult topics.

Spoofy in the future

The game will soon be released in many other European countries in many more languages. The game is also further developed and there are plans for new worlds, new assignments and new materials.



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