Youth inclusion, digital solutions and the global pandemic

Year of production: 2021

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The article explores the topic of digitalisation as one of the key priorities for European institutions over the last years. The authors examine how/if digital solutions have had an impact on the youth field as the result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Youth workers and youth organisations might find this article of interest as it provides an overview of the key topics that dealt with the digitalisation of the youth sector in Europe and provide examples of youth-centred digital projects. Examples of topics that are covered in the article include education and skills, employment and professional development, health and mental health, and online safety.

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Veronica Stefan

Veronica is a professional with more than 15 years of experience in the youth sector, working intensively at the intersection of human rights, education, youth, new technologies and digital governance. She has been engaged in research, public policy and project management initiatives while consulting for various stakeholders such as Council of Europe, UN agencies, European Union bodies and other international organisations. Her recent activity includes contributions on youth and Artificial Intelligence, youth participation in Internet Governance multistakeholder processes, developing media and digital competences for educational and youth actors, understanding the impact of digital transformation on Civil Society Organisations, civic actors and social inclusion of young people.

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Adina Marina (Călăfăteanu) Șerban

    Adina Marina (Calafateanu) Serban, PhD in Political Sciences (Comparative European Youth Policies in Romania and Turkey), with extended expertise in grassroots youth work and youth work methodologies and practices, youth participation methodologies and inclusion policies.