ENTR Network

Year of production: 2021

The European content creator network ENTR has been producing journalistic content on cross-border topics that concern young people in Europe since May 2021, with the goal of inspiring an open, authentic, and constructive debate about contemporary and future life in Europe, both online and offline.

From a broader perspective, ENTR aims to create a greater awareness of European visions and realities and to promote stronger engagement of Europeans in common European values and ideas. This goal is to be achieved through agile interaction with audiences, innovative information formats, and maximum accessibility of all content across digital channels, platforms, devices, and languages. The content creator network envisions a participatory forum based on inspiring dialogues across digital platforms, encouraging young people in Europe to question and reflect. In doing so, ENTR contributes to a more active European civil society.

ENTR is implemented by a European consortium of public, private media houses, and civil society organizations. ENTR is coordinated by the German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW).


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