Meaningful youth work through gaming

Year of production: 2020

The article explores why digital gaming can be part of youth work. Based on the findings from the Thesis “My Game Story. Narrative Study on the Meanings of Digital Games and Gaming in the Childhood and Adolescence” the author brings various arguments for which youth workers could be motivated to explore game story as a method while also embracing gaming as a social activity.

“For those of us who work with young people, games carry potential for social collaboration. Games can be used to discuss difficult topics, such as death or mental health, because some games also deal with these topics. A local gaming community may also form around youth work activities, and the members can then meet in youth centres.”


Photo of Teemu Kallio
Teemu Kallio

Teemu is a youth worker at Pirkkala church. He works with confirmation classes and the related youth work. He is very interested in playing and gaming, which is also evident in his work.