Youth4DigitalSustainability: 12 recommendations from youth

Year of production: 2020

The Youth Internet Governance Forum logo

The Youth Internet Governance Forum logo

How can we ensure that digital transformation takes place in a sustainable way? What can we learn from young people about their vision of the digital future? The #Youth4DigitalSustainability report addressed these questions and provides a set of 12 youth-led recommendations for a sustainable digital future.
As part of the #Youth4DigitalSustainability project, 50 experts under 30 from all parts of the world have developed twelve recommendations for the environmental, economic and social sustainability of the Internet. These are now presented to the United Nation’s Internet Governance Forum.
Twelve concrete demands emerged from the working process, which lasted several months, in four working groups focusing on the environment, economy, society and governance. Key aspects of these demands include environmentally friendly Internet access, circular economy, the inclusion of marginalized groups, and the democratization of the sustainability discourse.

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