Digital civic engagementby young people

Year of production: 2020

What do we mean by digital civic engagement by young people? What are the dominant platforms used by young people for digital civic engagement around the world? In this report, UNICEF aims to address these questions. This analysis presents an overview of relevant research literature across the topic of digital civic engagement by young people. The report might be useful for youth organisations, youth workers, policy-makers to gain an understanding of spontaneous civic engagement in which adolescents and young people themselves seek to participate and look for the tools and means to do so. This analysis is meant as an introduction to and summary of broad themes across published academic literature as well as reports from polling organizations on this topic. The paper does not provide an evaluation or analysis of the effects of young people’s digital civic participation, nor does it make programmatic recommendations or report on specific stakeholders’ efforts in this area.



The United Nations Children's Fund is a United Nations agency responsible for providing humanitarian and developmental aid to children worldwide.

Alexander Cho

Ph.D., University of California

Jasmina Byrne

Zoë Pelter